Friday, July 13, 2012

4-5 weeks pregnancy symptoms!

So  I went to the dr office and they made me an appointment on August 2,2012. I'm not gonna get my first ultrasound til after my dr appointment, which is kind of making me impatient I want to see my little one on that ultrasound screen =) So for this pregnancy it's a lot different than my first. My belly is already sticking out, which my husband says I'm already gaining weight that he can see, which is good cause I want to gain weight. I'm really hungry with this pregnancy, if I don't eat right when I feel hungry I''ll start getting nauseaous and it's not a good experience. So far I have had no morning sickness, but with my son I didn't get morning sickness, or I should say all day sickness til I was six weeks so I still have a week or so to go before that, so I'm not ruling it out. I'm trying to get ready my mind that is, to have all day sickness and hope I go about it ok. I know 'that's wishful thinking but I can try anyways lol I'm trying to stay positive. I've already not wanted pop. I was a big pop drinker but since I got pregnant I no longer want pop which is good. I'm peeing constantly whenever I get time to relax at night and I"m watching a tv show I have to pee every time a commerical break comes on lol. I feel more thirsty, but it is still really hot here so I don't really see that as a pregnancy symptom. I'm extremely exhausted. Whenever I clean, do laundry, or wash the dishes, I have to take a break cause I get so worn out. It's getting harder for me to stay awake all day like I used to. By 9pm I'm just ready to crash in bed. I'm feeling pulling as my uterus is stretching, and a lot of that didn't happen with my first pregnancy til I was four months or more. This pregnancy just seems that everything is happening a lot faster. I'll add a four week photo of my belly along with this post. That's all for symptoms for these weeks, I'll update as things change.

Friday, July 6, 2012

BFP Finally!!!

So a few days ago I took a pregnancy test and it didn't show so I thought it was negative and threw it away, but realized maybe I didn't wait the whole five minutes, so I took it out of the trash and saw the faintest line, so I took another test and it was negative. The next morning I decided to take another test and it was another faint positive, I repeated with two other tests in the next two days, the positive line kept getting darker. So today we went and did a blood test at the laboratory and it came back positive!! I'm so excited, we're going to be having another little bundle of joy, God is so good. It's all in his time =) I have yet to make a doctor appointment but I'm guessing from now since my last period I'm about 3-4 weeks pregnant. I'm hoping I won't have horrible morning sickness like I did with my first pregnancy, but I'm so ready to get this experience going. My son is going to make an awesome big brother and I can't wait to see his reaction to the new baby. I will update more on symptoms and things as weeks go by, right now I''m not experiencing any symptoms other than peeing alot but I'm also drinking more because it's so hot here. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and hope you that are ttcing get your bfp's soon =)

Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm still here =)

So we've been trying for two months now and it's not our time. I'm leaving it up to God and allowing him to pick our time, cause I know it's all in his hands. I was a little disappointed when AF showed up the other day but I"m over it now and ready to start again. I hope all is doing well. will talk again soon

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Sorry I've been not blogging for a while, I had my son's birthday party and then my brother came to visit so we've been pretty busy. We're still ttcing but I didn't get to chart this month because of all the things we've had to do. I guess right now I'm in my two week wait and won't know anything until June which it's gonna be either the 6th or 10th of June, so that's still a few weeks off. Just wanted to let you know what's going on and that I'm still here just got really busy =)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TTC Update, Ovualtion Tracking!

Hey everyone sorry I haven't been updating I've been really busy trying to get things ready for my baby boy's first birthday party!! Anyways since AF came early this month I will ovulate earlier, and that means I'm going to ovulate at then end of this week the 18th to the 21st I believe. Anyways my son's party is the 20th and my brother is coming to stay with us from the 18th til the 22nd, so we won't be doing any bding for that time. So unless God works a miracle and gives me a baby or has me ovulate later than what my chart shows then I'm not gonna get my february baby. But as I always say it's all up to God. Right now we just have so much going on with our ebay and getting my son's birthday party going that we don't have time to do all the charting and what not. When all this slows down I'll get back to it, if I'm not pregnant by then. I'm just gonna take a break from charting cause it's just another thing I have to think about and I have enough to do already. So if it happens on it's own with out charting then I'll update. We're not gonna stop trying we're just not gonna be charting and taking tests and all that. So it's all in God's hands =) Thanks everyone for all the support and I hope I'll have more to update soon! Hope you all get your bfps soon that are ttcing, and congrats to all the prego mommy's and new mommy's and a Happy late Mother's Day everyone.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Back to Charting =)

Ok so now that AF has come and gone, it's now back to charting and start getting this bding going on lol. It's just that now AF came four days earlier than it usually does so it through me off the whole chart. Did anyone else ever have AF come four days earlier? How did you chart it? Usually my period is always the 10th of every month, it lasts five days and so it's been easy for me to follow to see when I ovulate, but now that it came the 6th which is four days earlier than it should have I don't know when I'm gonna ovulate. Can anybody help me out, I'm not sure what to do. I made an account on fertilityfriend but I'm still trying to figure it all out. I'm just gonna leave it in God's hands, if this is the month he decides to bless me with another baby then so be it. I'm gonna try my best to not worry, and not get all crazy about the whole thing. Any advice would help =) That's all I got for now =)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Update, Pregnancy Test Results!!!

Ok so you  can see by the test I got a Big Fat Negative!!! I took the test about 2 am in the morning and it was negative, I thought about waiting a few days and taking another one or just waiting til the 10th of May when I period usually starts but I didn't have to, I got my period this morning. I know it's my period and not implantation bleeding or anything like that. So I'm not pregnant =( I'm not really that disappointed because like I said with my son it took us three months to conceive and it's in God's hands. I guess he just didn't feel it is the right time. I'm really hoping I get pregnant in May though because that would give me a February baby =) I had my son in May and I live in Puerto Rico and having a new born in the summer time here is horrible. It was so hot, we didn't leave the house all summer unless we absolutely had too. So I don't want a repeat of that, but either way I'll just be happy having another baby. I'm not really worried about it just yet though, because I have my son to keep me busy and with his party coming up we're super busy. So that's it for this update, guess I'll update again when I have more news and too all those others ttcing I hope you get your bfp soon and for all those pregnant Congratulations =)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hate the Wait!!

So just one more day til I can test. I'm still feeling yucky and it's so hot here! This weather is insane, it's so humid makes me want to move back to Ohio lol. I'm feeling somewhat better, but the exhaustion is still there, thanks to my hubby for watching my son so I can take a nap everyday. It's hard on  him because he has to study, finals are coming up in a few weeks but he still takes time out to let me rest, he's the sweetest man ever. I feel so bad when I get so worn out when playing with my son because he's always so excited and then his little feelings get hurt when I can't play anymore cause I need to rest. I just can't wait to find out, am I or am I not???? Anyways it's late and I'm just rambling on lol so I'll update again when I know for sure!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quick Update!

Ok so last night  I was so hot, my husband said it was cold in the bedroom but I felt really hot which is unusual for me because I'm normally cold all the time. I woke up today feeling nauseous again, hope that goes away soon, maybe I just need to eat something which I'm getting ready to do then hope it makes me feel better. Last night after dinner I stepped on the scale and I gained three pounds!!! I usually don't gain weight like that and I havent been eaten too much cause I feel so bad and I gained weight, not that it's a bad thing I want to gain weight but it was just crazy to see. So I can't take a test til Sunday and the wait is killing me lol days are going by pretty fast though but it seems everyday a new symptom comes up and with my son I didn't experience anything til six weeks so it's crazy. I'll update on Sunday after I take a test hope it's positive because if not I can't think of anything else causing these symptoms??? 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Early Signs of Pregnancy????

Ok so for the past three days I've felt exhausted, I'm not doing anything more than I normally do and I'm sleeping like I always have but I feel completely exhausted. Right now it's still too early to test the earliest I can test is May 6th!! I've also been feeling like my stomach is more sensitive and when I go to sleep I get stomach aches not like bad stomach aches but just uncomfortable. These symptoms I didn't even get with my son until I was at least six weeks along. I haven't really been thinking about pregnancy and I might even just be coming down with something I'm not sure. Anyways did anybody else ever have symptoms that early and if so what were they. I"m just having extreme exhaustion and uncomfortable feelings in my stomach. I feel like I could stay in bed for days, but obviously I can't lol but my husband has really been helping me out and I also have been taking a nap every day and it's done nothing to help I still feel completely exhausted. If anyone else has ever had early early symptoms of pregnancy please share. Again I think it's way to early to test since I don't get my period until May 10th, I know the only way is to test and all I can do is wait but I was just curious what you all think.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Update on Ovulation!

So I started looking more into ovulation to learn a little more cause it always helps to be more educated, I learned that my cycle lasts for thirty days, and I ovulate from the 23 to the 28. We bded on the 23 and since sperm can live inside you for three days, and my most fertile day is the 25, I think I'm good. I know it's up to God either way and I'm praying that if he's willing we'll get pregnant this cycle, I can take a test on the 6th of May but I'm thinking to wait until my period comes and if it doen't then I'll test but if it does then I won't have to test. So I started to read things about coneption and they say that it's better for the man to be on top, and to wear boxers instead of briefs and too not get too hot, or be in a hot tub, or take a hot bath, and too stay stress free or if that's impossible try to keep your stress levels down. These are things I didn't know. I got my ovulation calender at and if you want you can go there, they have lots of things about ovulation, getting pregnant, pregnancy, and babies. I started to do videos on youtube so if you want go check them out and subscribe =) Also my husband and I sell on ebay so if you're looking for a bargain stop by, our ebay id is vegasnewandusedfashion. Well I'll post another post soon when something happens til then I hope everyone is doing well, and to all those ttcing hope you get your bfp's soon and if you're pregnant congrats =)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Introduction and TTC Post #1

Hello my name is Heather, I'm 24 years old, been married to my wonderful husband for 2 years, we have a beautiful baby boy Kenly that will be 1 next month, and we've decided we're ready to start trying for another baby. We know it's up to God whether we get pregnant again or not. Just thinking of having another baby is so exciting. I know some people think it's probably too soon to try for another but I've always wanted my kids close together.

To tell a little about ttc my husband and I first officially tried last night. I think I'm ovulating. With my son I got pregnant a week after my period ended. Now it's been a little over a week since my menstrual cycle ended and  I do believe I'm ovulating. I don't buy the ovulation test strips or anything like that. My cycles are very regular, and we got pregnant the first time after only trying for three months. So it was fairly quick. I'm not too desperate right now if it happens it happens if not then I just have to trust God. I know he knows whats best for me.

I decided to start blogging about my journey so I can look back on it later and also for others to follow along if they want. I think I"m gonna try to do posts whenever I think I have anything interesting to share. I"m also thinking to vlog about it on youtube. You can find my channel Heather Vega on youtube, and follow me on there if you like.