Monday, April 30, 2012

Early Signs of Pregnancy????

Ok so for the past three days I've felt exhausted, I'm not doing anything more than I normally do and I'm sleeping like I always have but I feel completely exhausted. Right now it's still too early to test the earliest I can test is May 6th!! I've also been feeling like my stomach is more sensitive and when I go to sleep I get stomach aches not like bad stomach aches but just uncomfortable. These symptoms I didn't even get with my son until I was at least six weeks along. I haven't really been thinking about pregnancy and I might even just be coming down with something I'm not sure. Anyways did anybody else ever have symptoms that early and if so what were they. I"m just having extreme exhaustion and uncomfortable feelings in my stomach. I feel like I could stay in bed for days, but obviously I can't lol but my husband has really been helping me out and I also have been taking a nap every day and it's done nothing to help I still feel completely exhausted. If anyone else has ever had early early symptoms of pregnancy please share. Again I think it's way to early to test since I don't get my period until May 10th, I know the only way is to test and all I can do is wait but I was just curious what you all think.


  1. they can definitely be early pregnancy symptoms!! hope they are! can't wait to see you get your BFP :)

    1. Thank you so much I hope they are too, I'll definitely be updating when I find out =)