Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Introduction and TTC Post #1

Hello my name is Heather, I'm 24 years old, been married to my wonderful husband for 2 years, we have a beautiful baby boy Kenly that will be 1 next month, and we've decided we're ready to start trying for another baby. We know it's up to God whether we get pregnant again or not. Just thinking of having another baby is so exciting. I know some people think it's probably too soon to try for another but I've always wanted my kids close together.

To tell a little about ttc my husband and I first officially tried last night. I think I'm ovulating. With my son I got pregnant a week after my period ended. Now it's been a little over a week since my menstrual cycle ended and  I do believe I'm ovulating. I don't buy the ovulation test strips or anything like that. My cycles are very regular, and we got pregnant the first time after only trying for three months. So it was fairly quick. I'm not too desperate right now if it happens it happens if not then I just have to trust God. I know he knows whats best for me.

I decided to start blogging about my journey so I can look back on it later and also for others to follow along if they want. I think I"m gonna try to do posts whenever I think I have anything interesting to share. I"m also thinking to vlog about it on youtube. You can find my channel Heather Vega on youtube, and follow me on there if you like.

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