Friday, April 27, 2012

Update on Ovulation!

So I started looking more into ovulation to learn a little more cause it always helps to be more educated, I learned that my cycle lasts for thirty days, and I ovulate from the 23 to the 28. We bded on the 23 and since sperm can live inside you for three days, and my most fertile day is the 25, I think I'm good. I know it's up to God either way and I'm praying that if he's willing we'll get pregnant this cycle, I can take a test on the 6th of May but I'm thinking to wait until my period comes and if it doen't then I'll test but if it does then I won't have to test. So I started to read things about coneption and they say that it's better for the man to be on top, and to wear boxers instead of briefs and too not get too hot, or be in a hot tub, or take a hot bath, and too stay stress free or if that's impossible try to keep your stress levels down. These are things I didn't know. I got my ovulation calender at and if you want you can go there, they have lots of things about ovulation, getting pregnant, pregnancy, and babies. I started to do videos on youtube so if you want go check them out and subscribe =) Also my husband and I sell on ebay so if you're looking for a bargain stop by, our ebay id is vegasnewandusedfashion. Well I'll post another post soon when something happens til then I hope everyone is doing well, and to all those ttcing hope you get your bfp's soon and if you're pregnant congrats =)

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