Friday, May 4, 2012

Hate the Wait!!

So just one more day til I can test. I'm still feeling yucky and it's so hot here! This weather is insane, it's so humid makes me want to move back to Ohio lol. I'm feeling somewhat better, but the exhaustion is still there, thanks to my hubby for watching my son so I can take a nap everyday. It's hard on  him because he has to study, finals are coming up in a few weeks but he still takes time out to let me rest, he's the sweetest man ever. I feel so bad when I get so worn out when playing with my son because he's always so excited and then his little feelings get hurt when I can't play anymore cause I need to rest. I just can't wait to find out, am I or am I not???? Anyways it's late and I'm just rambling on lol so I'll update again when I know for sure!!!!


  1. Good luck! Did you test today?

    1. Not yet, I just bought the test tonight and I'm gonna test first thing in the morning =)