Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quick Update!

Ok so last night  I was so hot, my husband said it was cold in the bedroom but I felt really hot which is unusual for me because I'm normally cold all the time. I woke up today feeling nauseous again, hope that goes away soon, maybe I just need to eat something which I'm getting ready to do then hope it makes me feel better. Last night after dinner I stepped on the scale and I gained three pounds!!! I usually don't gain weight like that and I havent been eaten too much cause I feel so bad and I gained weight, not that it's a bad thing I want to gain weight but it was just crazy to see. So I can't take a test til Sunday and the wait is killing me lol days are going by pretty fast though but it seems everyday a new symptom comes up and with my son I didn't experience anything til six weeks so it's crazy. I'll update on Sunday after I take a test hope it's positive because if not I can't think of anything else causing these symptoms??? 


  1. Wow! Sounds promising! I had waaay earlier pregnancy symptoms with my baby girl than I did my boys - hopefully you get your BFP and a baby girl too :)

  2. Thank you, I hope I get a baby girl too, I already have a name picked out for a girl, with my son it was so hard finding a name, but I'll be happy as long as he/she is healthy, I can't til sunday to test lol