Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TTC Update, Ovualtion Tracking!

Hey everyone sorry I haven't been updating I've been really busy trying to get things ready for my baby boy's first birthday party!! Anyways since AF came early this month I will ovulate earlier, and that means I'm going to ovulate at then end of this week the 18th to the 21st I believe. Anyways my son's party is the 20th and my brother is coming to stay with us from the 18th til the 22nd, so we won't be doing any bding for that time. So unless God works a miracle and gives me a baby or has me ovulate later than what my chart shows then I'm not gonna get my february baby. But as I always say it's all up to God. Right now we just have so much going on with our ebay and getting my son's birthday party going that we don't have time to do all the charting and what not. When all this slows down I'll get back to it, if I'm not pregnant by then. I'm just gonna take a break from charting cause it's just another thing I have to think about and I have enough to do already. So if it happens on it's own with out charting then I'll update. We're not gonna stop trying we're just not gonna be charting and taking tests and all that. So it's all in God's hands =) Thanks everyone for all the support and I hope I'll have more to update soon! Hope you all get your bfps soon that are ttcing, and congrats to all the prego mommy's and new mommy's and a Happy late Mother's Day everyone.

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