Sunday, May 6, 2012

Update, Pregnancy Test Results!!!

Ok so you  can see by the test I got a Big Fat Negative!!! I took the test about 2 am in the morning and it was negative, I thought about waiting a few days and taking another one or just waiting til the 10th of May when I period usually starts but I didn't have to, I got my period this morning. I know it's my period and not implantation bleeding or anything like that. So I'm not pregnant =( I'm not really that disappointed because like I said with my son it took us three months to conceive and it's in God's hands. I guess he just didn't feel it is the right time. I'm really hoping I get pregnant in May though because that would give me a February baby =) I had my son in May and I live in Puerto Rico and having a new born in the summer time here is horrible. It was so hot, we didn't leave the house all summer unless we absolutely had too. So I don't want a repeat of that, but either way I'll just be happy having another baby. I'm not really worried about it just yet though, because I have my son to keep me busy and with his party coming up we're super busy. So that's it for this update, guess I'll update again when I have more news and too all those others ttcing I hope you get your bfp soon and for all those pregnant Congratulations =)


  1. sorry :( hope you get your BFP soon - i know it's the hardest thing in the world to do when you want a baby so bad but i think the best and fastest way to get pregnant is to not care so much (sounds counter-intuitive) but it's always seemed to work for me. every time i stressed about getting pregnat it took me so much longer and the month i was like "whatever, we'll do everything we need to do and if we don't get pregnant, we'll just keep trying" i would always get pregnant!! i hope that this isn't really unwanted advice - just thought i'd share my own personal advice from TTCing :) wish you the best!

    1. Thank you Kristine, I wasn't really that stressed out about it just when I started getting exhausted easily I thought maybe I was lol but it's ok thanks for the advice, right now I have my son to keep me busy so I'm not worrying about it too much, it took us three months to get pregnant with him so I wasn't really surprised that we didn't get pregnant right away, I just hope it's this month cause I really want a February baby, I live in PR and it gets so hot here, I really don't want another baby in the summer but if it happens that way I'll still be thankful =)