Friday, July 13, 2012

4-5 weeks pregnancy symptoms!

So  I went to the dr office and they made me an appointment on August 2,2012. I'm not gonna get my first ultrasound til after my dr appointment, which is kind of making me impatient I want to see my little one on that ultrasound screen =) So for this pregnancy it's a lot different than my first. My belly is already sticking out, which my husband says I'm already gaining weight that he can see, which is good cause I want to gain weight. I'm really hungry with this pregnancy, if I don't eat right when I feel hungry I''ll start getting nauseaous and it's not a good experience. So far I have had no morning sickness, but with my son I didn't get morning sickness, or I should say all day sickness til I was six weeks so I still have a week or so to go before that, so I'm not ruling it out. I'm trying to get ready my mind that is, to have all day sickness and hope I go about it ok. I know 'that's wishful thinking but I can try anyways lol I'm trying to stay positive. I've already not wanted pop. I was a big pop drinker but since I got pregnant I no longer want pop which is good. I'm peeing constantly whenever I get time to relax at night and I"m watching a tv show I have to pee every time a commerical break comes on lol. I feel more thirsty, but it is still really hot here so I don't really see that as a pregnancy symptom. I'm extremely exhausted. Whenever I clean, do laundry, or wash the dishes, I have to take a break cause I get so worn out. It's getting harder for me to stay awake all day like I used to. By 9pm I'm just ready to crash in bed. I'm feeling pulling as my uterus is stretching, and a lot of that didn't happen with my first pregnancy til I was four months or more. This pregnancy just seems that everything is happening a lot faster. I'll add a four week photo of my belly along with this post. That's all for symptoms for these weeks, I'll update as things change.

Friday, July 6, 2012

BFP Finally!!!

So a few days ago I took a pregnancy test and it didn't show so I thought it was negative and threw it away, but realized maybe I didn't wait the whole five minutes, so I took it out of the trash and saw the faintest line, so I took another test and it was negative. The next morning I decided to take another test and it was another faint positive, I repeated with two other tests in the next two days, the positive line kept getting darker. So today we went and did a blood test at the laboratory and it came back positive!! I'm so excited, we're going to be having another little bundle of joy, God is so good. It's all in his time =) I have yet to make a doctor appointment but I'm guessing from now since my last period I'm about 3-4 weeks pregnant. I'm hoping I won't have horrible morning sickness like I did with my first pregnancy, but I'm so ready to get this experience going. My son is going to make an awesome big brother and I can't wait to see his reaction to the new baby. I will update more on symptoms and things as weeks go by, right now I''m not experiencing any symptoms other than peeing alot but I'm also drinking more because it's so hot here. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and hope you that are ttcing get your bfp's soon =)